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News timeline page 1:

October 2021 - Account, contact and stats section added.

September 2021 - Multilingual support started, introducing German language options.

August 2021 - Event scripts for the shops now complete.

July 2021 - 512SHA account updates and password reset script complete.

June 2021 - Starting to implement random events when travelling to the Item Shops.

May 2021 - Testing and debugging the Item Shops for security.

April 2021 - Upgrading the entire game to a higher encryption level SHA512.

March 2021 - Completing the items markets in the adventure section of the game.

February 2021 - Started implementing 5 different markets as to buy and sell items to including events on route to the market.

January 2021 - Auto generate QR codes to be uploaded automatically added to daily QR searches once logged in! Such a meaty piece of code :-p