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QRcodes (QRs) are designed so you can share long web addresses in a fast and convenient way between devices with others, for example the QR on the home page when scanned with a QR Reader will bring you to this game’s home page.

This game is about promoting QRs and their use in real world scenarios, as well as an experiment in 'mining' QR codes like we 'mined' the Bitcoin Blockchain, only while using alot less electricity.

QRfest is a modern take and a nod to both Warhammer Quest and a great hand held console game developed in the mid 90's called Barcode Battler.

Barcode Battler required a hand held console to play back then where QRFEST utilize's a user's mobile camera function on their device as to take live photos of QRs as to participate in the game and QReconomy.